Portland concrete Contractors

Licensed, Insured, Affordable Custom Designs for Driveways, Walkways & More


Portland Concrete Contractors is here for all your residential and commercial concrete installation and repair needs.  With over 15 years in business, we are a leader in the industry.  We bring tons of experience to the job and will stop at nothing to get your project done to perfection. 

Concrete has a world of benefits.  Here are a few of them:

  • It has the lowest carbon footprint of all the choices of pavement
  • It is durable, strong, and weatherproof.
  • It can be poured and crafted onsite.
  • It lasts for decades without much maintenance.
  • It has thermal mass to maximize energy efficiency.
  • It is fireproof, waterproof, and slip-proof.
  • It is versatile and stylish.
  • It can be stained or painted, and it never rusts.
  • It can be recycled.
  • It is very affordable.
  • When it needs extensive repair, it can be resurfaced.


Are you done with pea gravel slapping against your vehicles, causing dents in the body and cracks in the windshield?  Concrete driveways are the best.  They provide a smooth, hard surface to drive and walk over.  They give a nice first impression of your property whether it’s residential or commercial.  It also raises your property value.

Concrete holds up well to the weather in the Portland area.  It is water-proof and can withstand the hot summer sun as well as the snow, sleet, and freezing temperatures that are common to the area.  When you put down ice salt, it won’t damage the cement like it ruins wood and some other driveway surfaces. It is strong enough to be virtually unaltered by heavy traffic too.  If it’s good enough to use for huge, tall buildings and towers, it’s certainly good enough to use for your driveway. 

Clean up is easy – simply hose it down with water and for tougher stains, just use a scrub brush and a little soapy water. In the event that you already have a driveway but it is in need of repair, we can fill cracks and patch chuck holes or we can resurface the entire driveway. We specialize in concrete driveway installation.  We can make a fancy one that curves and winds or a basic straight-in version.  Would you like it painted or stained?  We can do that for you too.  Dream it and we’ll do it. We simply have the best concrete services in Portland, OR.

What if you could create any look you like in a patio?  Our Portland-based patio builders can create something great.

A basic patio gives a clean, minimalistic air while a country chic tone can be achieved by staining the surface and adding a bench.  Geometric patterns pull off a modern swing while stamping brings in a custom flair.  You name it…we’ll do it.

Patios add living space to your home.  An area that is never used will soon become the “go to” spot.  Host parties, enjoy family dinners on it, or take some time out to read a book and soak up some sun and fresh air on it. Patios add value to your property too.  When you choose a concrete patio, you’ll have practically any fashion available and a project that will last decades.

Why Trust Our Concrete Repair Specialists

When you trust the guys and gals at Portland Concrete Contractors for your concrete repair, you are making a wise decision that will pay off for decades to come.  If you fall for hiring a shoddy company and the work falls apart, you’ll be stuck with the bill of tearing it up and repairing or redoing it.  Some shady companies just take your money and run and don’t provide a service at all.  Don’t get stuck out.  Go with the pros. Go with Portland Concrete. 

When you have questions or concerns, you’ll find our team members are there for you – available to answer you or find the answer out for you.  You’ll never be disrespected or made to feel like you are a bother. Remember, PC is a company that was founded because the owners detested the way the company they formally worked for did bad business. We’re built on a strong foundation of trust, respect, and integrity.

Walkway, Pool Deck, & Retaining Wall Builders

When you’re building a deck by a pool, it only makes sense to use one of the strongest water barriers known to man – concrete. Concrete also withstands the hot sun usually associated with pool decks and the freezing temperatures Portland has like clockwork every winter.

If you’re worried about slippage, we can add a slip-resistant coating on the surface.  Your bare feet won’t get hot when you walk across it either when you have us make it heat resistant. For a fashion-forward touch, consider having the surface stamped, stained, colored, or hand-crafted in a unique design. Choose the shape and size you’d like without worries.

Concrete retaining walls are super strong and durable.  They can hold water or soil in or out and are weatherproof too.  With modern concrete techniques, your retaining wall can be a work of art whether it is at your residence or on your commercial property.  You can even have us construct a waterfall retaining wall or any other landscaping project you can dream up.

Whether your retaining wall is designed to serve a purpose, like keeping water from flooding your yard or preventing your soil from eroding, or is solely for aesthetics, let us craft a beautiful piece for you.  You certainly don’t want to take a chance on a company you’re not familiar with when it comes to a retaining wall.  You could be flooded out or could lose all your soil.  Besides, if a retaining wall doesn’t stand up, someone could get seriously injured.

Turn to the name you can trust…Portland Concrete.  We are pros and can construct any style, size, and shape you’d like.  We will tend to the job, start to finish, making sure it is stable, effective, and gorgeous.

Build your yellow brick road that meanders through your wonderland.  Walkways make great paths that take you from one location to another on your property.  They offer convenience and safety such as going from your front door to the driveway or from the back door to the pool.  They can lead to your garden or outdoor deck or anywhere else you please. 

When you create a walkway, you open up a whole new experience of getting from one place to another.  Add your personal touch with stamping, staining, or hand-crafting.  We are skilled at creating beautiful walkways that will add life and value to your outdoor space.

If you have a business with two buildings or more, you definitely need a walkway.  Not only does it speak volumes about your attention to detail, it provides safe-footing for those who travel the path.  You don’t want to end up in a lawsuit over someone tripping on rough terrain. 

If you already have a pathway but it has chips or chunks out, let us make it safe and beautiful again.  We are masters at reviving old, weathered cement sidewalks, transforming them back to looking new again.  Show you care…provide the best for your employees and customers when you trust us to complete your new construction or resurfacing job.