Patio Installation and Repair in Portland, OR

Are you looking for the perfect place for you and your family to spend more time outdoors?  Our patio installation and repair services in Portland can deliver an outdoor space that’ll meet your needs. Talk to our professional concrete patio builders. Patios bring the inside out, providing a comfortable and attractive space to enjoy life.  Whether you want a nook to sip your morning tea, a place to set a table to eat barbeque dinners on, or a party spot, patios are versatile.  They accommodate most any purpose you have in mind.

While you have plenty of choices of materials to use when it comes to your outdoor patio, concrete is the one that makes the most sense.  It is affordable, unlike some of the other alternatives such as slate or wood.  It is weatherproof, durable, and very strong too.  It stands up well to being soaked with water which is a must since it will be outdoors. Once every year or two, you can give your patio surface a revival by having it sealed.  It is a very inexpensive process that adds new luster and life to your concrete.  Our concrete services will also fill in any cracks or patch it up if needed as well.

When your patio has been around for decades, you may need for it to be repaired or resurfaced.  We do that too!  We will happily come check it out and let you know if patio resurfacing is something that would work for you.  If it is, we’ll offer you a free estimate and turn that old, drab surface into something gorgeous.

Our Professional Patio Builders Team

Easily achieve a luxurious look and feel by having the surface brushed, colored, stained, or stamped.  You are able to choose the size, shape, and style of your patio too.  If you’d like a high-end appeal, we can give your patio a state-of-the-art finish.  Whatever your heart desires, we can bring to light.  And, if you want a simple air about your space, we will make a traditional patio look awesome too because it will be smoother than smooth. Patios are not as easy to build as you may think they are.  There’s a lot of planning and detail work that goes into one before it’s even poured.  The ground must be cleared and leveled and stakes must be laid.  The concrete itself must be high-quality, top-grade or it won’t cure correctly.

After the concrete is precisely mixed, it is poured into the form.  It begins to set right away so the workers must smooth and float it to perfection.  Then, when it is perfectly aligned, it needs to cure for a week before it’s as hard as it should be. Call our Portland patio builders today for a free estimate.