Concrete Pool Deck Installation in Porland, OR

As a leading provider of concrete pool deck installation services, Portland Concrete is excited to serve you. Not so long ago, a concrete pool deck would have turned most people off.  They were considered to be cheap and boring, not to mention…unsafe.  But times have changed and so has concrete.  Today, you can attain any look, feel, and function you want with the miraculous material. Stamping, staining, coloring, and custom designing have made the substance quite popular for achieving most any style imaginable.  You can have it brushed too which is perfect for adding traction to an area such as a pool deck that stays wet much of the time.

If your pool is modern, you can fashion your pool deck accordingly. For a rustic look, we recommend staining. Our concrete company can add luxurious designs to make your deck ultra-classy.  For those who want a basic, minimalistic appeal, our smooth work will give just that. Concrete pool decks that are not laid properly can cause huge headaches later on.  Even if top-grade concrete isn’t used in the mix, you’ll run into a ton of trouble.  Not only will your deck chip and crack, causing serious risks for injuries, your faulty surface can affect the life of your pool and even the foundation of your home.

Trust Our Pool Deck Repair Team

When the new innovations of concrete are combined with the benefits it provides, you’ve got a winning game plan for your pool deck.  Concrete is one of the oldest composite building materials known to man and one of the strongest ones too.  It is inexpensive, easy to clean, simple to maintain, and lasts for decades. And when you need to repair a concrete pool deck, it’s easy, affordable task to do when you find concrete contractors like our team.

When we take on a project, we involve you with the fun part – like planning the look and feel you are looking for.  We tend to the rest of the details so you don’t have to worry about those things.  From start to finish, you are treated with the utmost respect.  Our team is courteous and friendly and…we are neat.

Concrete is not affected by standing water since it is non-porous.  It can also handle all the extreme cold and hot weather you can dish out, ideal for a climate like Portland has where the ground freezes in the winter but the sun shines much of the time in the summer. Concrete can get slippery when wet.  That’s why we like to add a slip-resistant coating on our pool decks.  They can get hot under the summer sun too.  We have a finish for that as well.  It will make the heat reflect off of it.

It’s imperative to have your pool deck laid by pros who specialize in what they do, like us.  We have extensive experience and know what the project takes from the ground up.  We are perfectionists when it comes to getting it right the first time. 

Contact us to install your pool deck today. It provides an awesome spot to relax in and serves other functions too like helping to keep elements out of your pool and giving your pool more structure.  Make sure your deck is done right.  Trust the experts…trust us.