Concrete Walkway Installation in Portland, OR

Our concrete service is proud to offer concrete walkway installation services in Portland, OR and the surrounding areas. Whether it’s at your home or on your commercial property, a walkway makes a statement.  It says you care about the safety and convenience of those who trod on it…or, not. 

There’s something very welcoming about a walkway that leads you from one area to another with safe footing.  Footpaths can lead from one building to another or from your back door to your pool, from the front door to the driveway or can pave practically any other path you’d like. 

Broken, cracked passages are a danger.  They can cause someone to fall and become seriously injured, which is a lawsuit waiting to happen.  Having no path can be equally as dangerous. At Portland Concrete Contractors, we specialize in building concrete walkways that are safe for everyone’s use.

Trust Our Concrete Repair Team

We build walkways right!  We are expert craftsmen who are able to create a beautiful walkway of your dreams that will last for decades to come, or we can provide concrete walkway repair if you’re local.  They are strong, crack-free, leveled, smooth, and easy to care for.  No matter what design you have in mind for your residential or commercial property, we can being your vision to life.

As a leading concrete company, we want your project done perfectly as much as you do.  We strive to thrill our customers with our expertise.  Let us show you what we’re made of.  Contact us today and let’s get started on your new walkway or fix the existing one you have.