Concrete Retaining Wall Installation in Porland, OR

The process of building a retaining wall is more involved than you may think.  Those who attempt to construct their own or hire a cheap service that skimps on quality may find themselves in deep trouble. Trust in our team for professional concrete retaining wall installation and repair services in Portland, OR and around the area. Although they can be strictly for aesthetics, like when used in landscaping, retaining walls are typically strategically placed to serve a purpose.  They can hold water in or out of an area such as the lake, ocean, or a spot that tends to flood or have runoff water.  They can also keep soil from being washed away. As one of the area’s leading concrete companies, our retaining wall builders can help.

Initially, before the wall is even formed, all debris, plants, and top soil that is in the way has to be removed, a process called grubbing. Pick the style, size, shape, and placement you want and we’ll make sure it gets done to perfection. The ground is then leveled.  If it is not perfectly level, the wall could fall and hurt or kill someone.  Forms are set with immaculate precision – typically with strict geometric specifications.  The concrete is poured and carefully smoothed.  This process takes the skill of an expert to ensure the wall is exact.  From the moment the mix comes out, it is beginning to dry so time is of essence.  The structure is dried, or cured after, that which takes several weeks to reach completion.


Trust Our Retaining Wall Builders Team

Is a concrete retaining wall a good fit for your property?  With today’s modern materials and skilled cement crafters, you are able to have all the benefits of concrete coupled with the awesome aesthetics of most any look you want.  Pick the style, size, shape, and placement you want and we’ll make sure it gets done to perfection.  We’ll even help you if you’re not sure exactly what you are looking for.

At Portland Concrete Contractors, we know you have choices when it comes to who you trust your concrete needs to.  We are happy to offer a free initial consultation to answer any questions and to personally let you know what we can do for you.